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Juanma González
The Mentalist

Juanma González, The Mentalist, is currently one of the best-known performers in the field of Magic and Mind Reading in Spain. His passion for Mentalism and Magic began in his teenage days and for years already he has been learning from the very best experts in the field.

A Media Communication graduate and an English Language major, Juanma González also studied Performing Arts in the Valencia School of Dramatic Arts and at the Corazza Acting  Studio in Madrid

Nowadays, Juanma González, The Mentalist, has built a career as a first-class Stage Show performer. He uses his skills in mind reading, clairvoyance, telepathy, mental influence and suggestion as tools to amaze and amuse the most demanding and select of audiences.


Innovative and unbelievable content designed as the perfect entertainment for all kinds of corporate events. The shows are available in either Spanish or English

After Dinner Stage Mentalism

Juanma González, The Mentalist, presents a tailor-made mental experience that your clients, employees and associates will never forget.

He will achieve a unique connection in a world-class after-dinner show using his skills in mind reading and suggestion that will leave the audience speechless. His empathy and the ability to bond with the audience help create the perfect atmosphere for amusement and mystery.

Juanma continues to be in high demand to perform in the venues of leading corporations in various business sectors.

Corporate Events

Sometimes the best entertainment show is simply not enough.

When you need an outstanding host for your event, someone with charisma and unique communication skills, someone who knows how to improve the delivery of your authentic corporate branding messages, The Mentalist is your best choice.

Companies such as AirBus, Balearia or Johnson&Johnson have already booked Juanma González to host the launching of their new products and services.

Lectures and Conferences

The Mentalist’s suggestion, influence and memory skills are far more than just amazing: they can also be incredibly useful in the corporate world. Make his knowledge of the tricks of the mind work for your company.

He will teach your workers and associates how to make better use of their persuasion and communication skills and apply these in and apply these to improve your sales.

Get your teams to work better together thanks to his Team Building experiences, Happenings and Lectures!



Juanma González presents three different Mentalism shows for different venues. Choose the right show for your event. Make your guests, family and friends enjoy a unique experience and turn your private event into an unforgettable occasion. All shows are available in English and Spanish.

Close-Up Mentalism

The best show for mix-and-mingle venues. Your guests will enjoy amazing close-up mind reading, clairvoyance and suggestion in small groups and before their very eyes. These are tailored performances designed to amuse and impress your guests with tricks in which empathy helps create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This show is also ideal for VIP performances for up to fifteen guests.

Parlour Mind Reading

An evening of wonders and mystery, a prime after-dinner show. Pure Mentalism and Mind Reading for a medium-sized audience of up to a hundred spectators. A completely interactive show; the guests will participate in the games and experiences both on stage and from their seats. Afterwards, they will surely want to share with the world what they witnessed in such a mind-blowing show.

Large-Scale Stage Shows

For the most special events and for the greatest impact, Juanma González presents a Mentalism Show for the biggest venues and stages. Expect a unique atmosphere in a world-class show in which The Mentalist offers his most renowned and impressive acts. Telepathy, mental influence, risk acts and hypnosis all feature in this astonishing experience.

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